We carry out maintenance of the vessels for the next season, and equipment service is done by specialized persons and companies.

We provide maintenance for third party as:

complete annual and/or multiannual service

personalized for specific parts/services

Vessel maintenance includes:

monitoring vessel condition with regular maintenance works on the vessel thus providing the extended period of proper technical functioning and reliability

vessel preparation for the next season

vessel preparation for shorter or longer inactivity period, whether the vessel is in the sea or on the ground

The service is provided at the vessel owner, i. e. at a port or a marina where the owner arranges the crane service.

Upon accepting the vessel maintenance (annual or multiannual) we conduct the following:

• general inspection of vessel condition

• outer and inner hull inspection

• electrical wiring inspection

• inspection of fuel tanks and other equipment for fuel duct

• engine inspection

• inspection of steering equipment (e. g. steering wheel with hydraulics)

• inspection of fresh water tanks and other equipments of fresh water duct system

• inspection of equipment and installations of hot water duct system

• inspection of equipment and installations of sewage system

• inspection of equipment and installations of gas duct system with testing

• inspection of equipment and installations of heating system

• inspection of equipment and installations of other systems depending on the vessel type and purpose

• developing maintenance plan in accordance with the inspection of vessel condition.

The maintenance plan is not a one time service document, but a plan that the owner must go ahead with during the entire period of ownership, if the owner wants the vessel to be operating properly, with the fewer number of unpredicted service intervals, and to retain its market price. 

Maintenance in accordance with the plan

Preparing vessel for next season can be complete in accordance with the maintenance plan, but an individual plan and service for specific sections can be arranged as well, such as preparing the vessel hull only, whether it is the underwater hull part (antifolig) or just the upper part (washing, polishing).

Vessel maintenance inquiery