We are constantly looking for people who would join and become a part of our community.

The people we are looking for must be with a profession, knowledge, experience, with a drivers license "B" category, active English / German knowledge, ability to swim and dive, .....

But most important of all, we need people. If they are communicative, ready to rise and fall, be aware of life and their roles in it, they are aware that only by their efforts and work they can contribute and acquire something, and that they are "still looking to learn".

We give people the opportunity to be part of our community, to have a place where they will be able to learn a lot about it in the area of nautics and tourism in general, but we are not an educational institution where it is "important to participate", it is important to show that you have work habits, and in time, together we will see your interest in working with us, and whether you see your life path in it.