What is the purpose of vessel rent?

This service means that you will own the vessel during the entire rent period without limitations, and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

Purpose of the rent can be:

enjoyment/vacation, with or without overnight stay, with or without skipper and

other purposes such as: business, education etc.

If the purpose is enjoyment/vacation, then it is usually:

Persons that want to spend a day with their friends or family.

Persons who like nature, respect the nature and attune themselves with it.

Persons who value privacy.

2. Rent / Charter

Vessel rent means rent without overnight stay where a vessel that is registered for the service of overnight stay has to be returned to the base port before the night that same day.

Charter means renting a vessel with the service of overnight stay.

3. Duration of the rent

Vessel rent can last one day, several days, a week or some other previously agreed time period.

The vessel can be rented in a manner that the person who stays on the coast and rents the vessel has it on his disposal and ready for sailing during his entire stay. If that case, we make sure that each next day or upon its return the vessel is ready for sailing: fuel tanks full, fresh water replenished etc.

4. Check-in and check-out time

With daily vessel rent, check-in time is between 8-9h, and check-out is between 17:30-18h.

With weekly vessel rent, check-in day is Saturday from 14h, and check-out is Saturday by 10h.

Exception is possible, but they have to be pre-arranged, and some require separate stipulation.

5. With or without a skipper?

Vessel rent / charter means no skipper unless it is clearly stated as an only option.

Services of transfer and personalized excursions always include a skipper.

If you don't mind having a skipper onboard, it is advisable to hire one for your first day of vessel rental.

Skipper can always be hired.

Skipper provides all passengers with carefree sailing, safety, safe mooring because he knows the best coves, wind and weather conditions.He knows the safest locations and takes the best care of the vessel so the passengers can swim, go sightseeing, have lunch etc. The skipper will make sure to find the best locations for swimming, diving, dining etc., in accordance to your wishes.

Vessel rent / charter stipulation can only be made with a person that has the required sailing licence, which means that the person possesses nautical knowledge: vessels, mooring, docking, tie up at the coast or other watercrafts, tying basic boating knots, navigation, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, proper use of light signalization on the vessel, sailing route weather conditions etc.

6. Reminder for the person that will drive the vessel – sailing day

Authorised person that will drive the vessel must plan the sailing in accordance with his sailing wishes/destinations, technical characteristics of the vessel and weather conditions.

This must be taken seriously. There is no gas station, shopping centre, doctor.. at the sea.

Sailing plan must include alternative solutions in case of unpredicted events such as:

• weather conditions

• desired berthing spot is already occupied etc.

Basic sailing plan includes:

• likely sailing route with destinations

• safe microlocations in case of emergency mooring or overnight stay

• sailing coordination with those destinations that offer possibility to refuel the tanks, replenish fresh water but also buy food etc.

• securing enough food and drinks depending on the planned destinations, plan for overnight stay, available restaurants and shops

• securing enough medications prescribed by a doctor, medicines and other alleviants for sea sickness, stings (sea animals and insects), sun burns etc. A tweezer and a needle for extracting thorns are mandatory.

• list of the necessary clothes and shoes that are intended for:

• staying on the boat

• entering the sea (it is absolutely necessary when mooring in coves and additional berthing at the shore as the coastline can have sharp rocks and sea urchins)

• going on shore for sightseeing, eating, shopping, etc..

When choosing a vessel please take into consideration that some boats are more or less adjusted for spending a longer continuous period outside the home port.

7. Offer benefits

We can also recommend a general sailing plan, but it is still personalized and highly depends on the habits and wishes of the people that will sail. We will nevertheless be glad if you decide to show us the plan and give you our suggestions and propositions.

You can always call us and obtain additional information during the entire rent period.

Special offer for all who decide to spend a night at a marina or at mooring buoys under concession – we provide berthing fee refund. Please save receipts as they are necessary to get refund.

Rent / charter pricing depends on the selected vessel, rent dates, number of days, additional services and equipment, skipper hire, transfer, etc.