Additional services and equipment:

We also offer additional services and equipment that can be ordered separately.

Additional services are, for example:

1. transfer from the airport to the marina and the like;

2. skipper services;

3. transfer of the vessel for the purpose of performing the check in and check out service outside the home port of the vessel;

4. procurement and loading of groceries on the vessel;

5. fill / empty the tank if this has not been done by the check out procedure

6. arranging accommodation, before, after or during the charter

7. organizing moorings during navigation in certain marinas and ports

8. organizing lunches / dinners during the voyage

9. organizing the supply of other equipment that is not available in the regular offer

Accessories are for example:

1. dinghy with or without auxiliary engine

2. SUP board

3. JBL audio, portable

4. refrigerator / freezer, portable

The described services and equipment are not an integral part of the services we offer, but are optional and depend on the needs of clients / guests.

Elective services and equipment are not equally available for all basic services. For example, each vessel has a different list of possible choices.

The equipment offered in this section is not always available, so it is necessary to make a reservation as soon as possible. Best immediately after booking the basic service.

The price depends on the choice and can be seen in the price list or on request.

Additional services and equipment are charged during the check in procedure.