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The transfer is not solely intended for the transport of persons and their equipment, but it can also be arranged for the transfer of goods and equipment, medicines, food, drinks, drinking water, and the vessel fuel, and so on.

Boat + Accommodation

A service that provides the client with a safe night's sleep, comfort and accommodation, as well as the possibility to sail alone or with the help of day-trip skippers. For the client, this complete service provides far more opportunities than each individual one. This service is organized according to user requests.

Personalized excursions

The trip is not just a visit to the bays. There are also island locations, landscapes and sights. Walk to the island's peaks from where unforgettable views are provided. Taste domestic meals. You can plan your excursions yourself. The service is with the skipper.

Boat Maintenance

Maintenance of vessels that are not owned by us. Maintenance can be a dedicated or year-round or complete care for the owner of the boat, which then has a properly equipped crane and can take care of your holiday days without worry.


Transportation of persons, personal belongings and various other luggage, sea and land routes related to other services. Vip transfer is also recommended for Charter service users.


The information given on the site is subject to change without notice. The current situation is available in contact with KRIŽNI VIJAK d.o.o ..


Our Vessels

Quicksilver, PASSPORT 430 Cabin
Quicksilver, PASSPORT 430 Cabin
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795
Merry Fisher 795 Serie 2
Merry Fisher 795 Serie 2