Who is this for?

We offer to users a personalized excursion service.

The service includes the skipper.

The service is intended for:

o People who do not want to think about or bother with sailing.

o People who have a desire to visit or tour one or more locations on the islands and generally at sea.

o People who simply want to go for a swim and then go get lunch or dinner at one of the seafront restaurants

o People wishing to take a walk around the island from one bay to another.

o People who want to be anonymous.

o People who want to make personalized APNEA or SCUBA dives or relax during sport fishing.

o People who just want to have fun at the sea

The service price depends on the distance, ie the destinations you want to visit, activities, number of days, number of people and the like.

2. Duration

The full day excursion starts with boat boarding at 830 ÷ 900 h until the return from 1730 to 1800.

The duration of the trip, but also the time of embarkation - disembarkation, can also be personalized, meaning it may be shorter or longer. Users can also rent extra equipment.

3. Obligations of a service user

The user's obligation is to provide personal footwear and clothing for an appropriate excursion and stay on board, food and drink, medicines and the like, and personal documents and cash money needed on the arrival spot or for entry into a national park or in a nature park.